Why would you choose to play with a 2-piece ball over a 3-piece golf ball? Usually price is a deciding factor.

The extra playability of using a 3-piece ball with it’s slightly softer cover for more spin control and feel around the green.

Golf Refugees are giving all golfers the opportunity to play with their ‘white’ 3-piece golf ball for less than the price of leading 2-piece balls. A dozen box of our double-core technology 3-piece ball for under a fiver and a sleeve of three for less than the price of a Euro lottery ticket.

It’s a no-brainer.



End of summer Golf Refugees t-shirt sale.

Sweatshop-free zone.
All ethically made from organic cotton grown on small farms.
Electricity generated from wind and solar power to achieve 90% reduction in CO2 emissions during manufacture. 
Look good, feel comfy and wear with a clear conscience.



With the Ryder Cup looming, Captains picks are a hot topic (no pun intended).

Monty’s picks;
Naturally we think he’ll go for a Kit Kat (four fingered), then another good selection would be a Toffee Crisp. If you’re looking for a wild card pick how about Wine Gums? Who can always be relied upon in moments of stress. A safe pair of hands would be Rolo’s. But who would Monty be sharing his last Rolo with?

Let’s all hope at the end of the event we’ll hear Monty shout “The Milky Bars are on me.”




Here’s a picture of our typical English golf club captain on a summers day. Nice blazer and a very nice badge. I bet he’s a real stickler for the rules of golf.

Only trouble is, he’s been entrapped by those cagey under-cover US Custom officers in a sting aimed at smashing arms trading to Iran.

The Extradition Act of 2003 between UK & USA only requires the USA to show ‘reasonable suspicion’ before a subject can be removed from Britain.

Shami Chakrabarti, director of human rights organisation Liberty, said “Until the extradition act is amended to put fairness back into the system, no one who indulges in foreign holidays, business dealings or mere use of the internet is safe from being shipped off like freight on the basis of allegations from the USA.”



Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren announce their divorce.
Though Tiger is still married to Nike. Is this a bit like being married to the mob?
Personally I’d rather be married to Elin.




Just some new pictures for our web site. Enjoy.



It’s probably not a good idea to dress-up in a wig, throw on a branded polo shirt and walk down a public footpath which just happens to pass through a private golf club. Then get your bro to take some shots.

I guess this is what fashion brands are supposed to do. Use a professional model and photographer who go out on location and take some beautiful pictures. Hey presto your clothes look great and customers are suitably impressed.

Golf Refugees left all the hard work to golfer/model Nikki DiSanto her photographer Kevin Flint and the San Diego sunshine.
Nikki said:
"And I can honestly say, it is the MOST comfy Golf Shirt I have ever worn!!!!!!!!! They are awesome. Thanks Golf Refugees for styling me out. Love Nikki"
For pictures visit: http://www.golf-refugees.com/ 




Obama can lay into BP (British Petroleum) for the oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico, but there are American contractors involved too and other oil conglomerates who are undertaking deep water drilling somewhere near you.

As consumers do we have some responsibility? What we consume has a direct effect on demand for oil and oil based products. This leads oil companies seeking ever more dangerous exploration and countries going to war to secure oil fields with the loss of thousands of brave soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian lives.

All products have their vices. You may have to ignore all of the marketing hype to uncover the facts.

So what’s this got to do with golf? Well it may sound tenuous, but the millions of sport shirts worn by your favourite sport stars are made from Polyester. Just go and check the labels. Polyester is derived from petroleum and is so prevelent because it is cheap and therefore the brands make more money.

Golf Refugees call these shirts ‘oil slick’ polos. Now looking at the image above, how do you feel about wearing an ‘oil slick’ on your back and putting your children in an ‘oil slick’ polo shirt to play golf?



Who hasn't done this on a golf course?

I remember playing at my local golf club called 'Baron Hill' in North Wales, on the 7 th hole a tricky dog-leg right, where you have to drive over an out-crop of rocks to leave a short iron to the green. I'd been playing well and on-course for breaking my best score when my tee-shot, lacking a bit of altitude struck the rocks and rebounded back towards me. My next drive didn't escape the rocks either so naturally I took out my revenge by smashing my favourite 'driver' into the rocks. After several swipes, my club had a battered appearence with unique loft, lie and bounce angles.

Though I was only twelve at the time.



If Tiger accepts one of Corey Pavin’s wild card pics for the Ryder Cup, it could cost him a million quid. Usually Tiger gets paid a few million to turn up, so what’s going on?

The UK is currently the only nation in Europe that taxes endorsement income.

Wood's deal with Nike is rumoured to pay $40m a year. So if he played 14 events this year, and one of those is the Ryder Cup, he would be liable to pay tax, at 50 per cent, on one-fourteenth of that amount, leaving a tax bill of £900,000.

The UK taxman would no doubt also be interested in the reported $10m he receives from EA Sports, for whom his name and images appear in a computer game based on the Ryder Cup.

Tiger’s not alone, Sergio Garcia has revealed he limits UK appearances due to tax.




Tiger’s not playing very well at the moment. Fair play, he has a few distractions.

But when he was winning, consumers ran into the shops to buy the shirts, the balls, the clubs etc. Why? Because he was a winner and therefore his equipment must be the best too.

So what happens now that Tiger is losing? Spraying his shots all over the place. Are the Nike shirts, balls and club no good anymore?

Are consumers going to jump into someone else’s shirts?



Researchers have found that men pictured wearing red or framed in red are more appealing to women, as compared to other colours.

Women in a follow-up study perceived men wearing red T-shirts to be significantly more likely to be high in status than men wearing blue T-shirts. The men in red also seemed more generally and sexually attractive.

Red may enhance sexual attractiveness because it is a status symbol, according to the authors of the study, which is published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology.

The power of red holds throughout the primate world. Female primates (including women) are "extremely adept at detecting and decoding blood flow changes in the face," the authors said, "and women have been shown to be more sensitive to the perception of red stimuli than are men."

"A man who wears red may feel dominant," they added, "which influences his self-confidence and behaviour and in turn may impress women."

From the above does that mean women are also attracted to men with high blood pressure? Do we therefore need a hot sauna before going out on the pull?

Come to think of it Tiger wears red on the final days of a major championships and he does quite well with the birdies.




Did anyone else notice that Yani Tseng, 21 year old Taiwanese winner of the women’s British Open, wore black jeans at Royal Birkdale? Hell’s bells.

Solely for the purposes of equality, I slipped into my black jeans and headed off to my local private prestigious golf club. It just happens to be where Poulter gets paid 30k per year, plus his own parking space and his phallic logoed clobber in the Pro shop for acting as the club’s touring professional. He is loved by one and all, from the juniors to the seniors.

Now it’s £65 pounds for a weekday eighteen holes, with my faded and not so straight credit card in my back pocket, I cruised around the parking area hunting down a suitable spot. There were some nice motors from Jags, Range Rover’s but you just can’t beat parking next to an Aston Martin in a battered, twenty year old Honda Accord. You never know the owner may leave a satisfying dent whilst opening their over-sized doors.

As I walked past the not so glamorous clubhouse, with a confident stride in my step you only get from parking next to an Aston. Opening the door to the colourful Pro shop and enquiring if it’s ok to play in these whilst tugging on my black jeans.

Naturally I informed him that they now allow black jeans at Royal Birkdale. To which he replied, 'then Sir you'd better go and play there'.