Obama can lay into BP (British Petroleum) for the oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico, but there are American contractors involved too and other oil conglomerates who are undertaking deep water drilling somewhere near you.

As consumers do we have some responsibility? What we consume has a direct effect on demand for oil and oil based products. This leads oil companies seeking ever more dangerous exploration and countries going to war to secure oil fields with the loss of thousands of brave soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian lives.

All products have their vices. You may have to ignore all of the marketing hype to uncover the facts.

So what’s this got to do with golf? Well it may sound tenuous, but the millions of sport shirts worn by your favourite sport stars are made from Polyester. Just go and check the labels. Polyester is derived from petroleum and is so prevelent because it is cheap and therefore the brands make more money.

Golf Refugees call these shirts ‘oil slick’ polos. Now looking at the image above, how do you feel about wearing an ‘oil slick’ on your back and putting your children in an ‘oil slick’ polo shirt to play golf?

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