Is Polyester pants?

Been flicking through some golf mags and came across a fashion feature for the latest polo shirts from high-end brands. All very stylish, all very expensive and all made from polyester!

This got me thinking; why polyester? There was an advertising campaign called 'PolYESter', and I can just remember the bright disco clothing of the 70's.

Polyester is an artificial man-made fiber, generally manufactured from petroleum requiring energy consuming high temperatures. It is a brightly coloured fiber by nature, hence the obvious choice for disco. For the more contemporary look, a delusterant is added to dim the bright lights.
If you are starting to feel a bit queasy about wearing your expensive artificial oil slick polo, there are some positives. Firstly, polyester is a very durable fabric, easy to maintain and relatively easy to recycle.

However to us, this very important piece of eco information is no-where to be seen in the golf magazine scribes. Whether the featured poly polos are made from recycled fabric.

Wouldn't it be better if Tiger was wearin a recycled polo?


Aerodynamic Driver

There has been numerous PR articles in the golfing media regarding Adams Golf new Speedline Driver. Apparently it represents a fundamental change in golf club design and introduces groundbreaking technology to reduce the aerodynamic drag hence increasing the club head speed for modern high volume drivers.

I can recall Yonex advocating aerodynamic features to reduce drag for their drivers over the past twenty years or more.

After studying aerodynamics and gaining work experience with a Formula One racing car team in the UK, I designed and patented an aerodynamic club head design for a driver. It's a few years old now, but I still believe the windtunnel testing and CFD analysis to be valid and worthy of comparison to the more recent efforts of the major golf brands. In an age where rounded golf clubs were all the rage, my streamlined design stood out from the crowd. The elliptical profiles and sculptured sole features are now the norm. Here's your chance to view once more, one of the most conceptual golf club designs. Dare I say iconic and inspirational.


Bin Bag

Disposable carry golf bag - Bin Bag

Keep the strap and throw-away the bag when knackered.

Made from high gauge part-recycled polythene reinforced with recycled black card.

Each bag is designed to carry seven clubs and balls.


London design competition

For this summer, the Society Culture Arts & Media ran a competition to celebrate British design.

Three designs have been selected by a panel of esteem judges, each will be displayed at South Bank, near the London Assembly building on a spare plinth for a month. Throughout the summer the general public will have an opportunity to vote for their favourite design.

First up in June, we have a giant heat absorbing black golf ball by Golf Refugees, next month, be blown away by the Dyson cyclone vacuum cleaner.


Mellow yellow



Today's Golfer

This morning we had a call from a member of Today's Golfer sales team.

Today's Golfer (TG) magazine is the most popular golf magazine in the UK, with a circulation of approximately 75,000.

He explained that TG August issue will feature a fashion section for t-shirts and would we like to advertise in that issue. I asked whether one of our Golf Refugees eco t-shirts would be chosen and he replied ''no, that is a matter for the editorial team.'' Mmm.

I explained that our t-shirts are all ethically made from 100% organic cotton certified by The Soil Association and manufactured using renewable 'green' energy from wind and solar power. The Carbon Trust calculated that our t-shirts produce 89% less CO2 emissions as a result of their sustainable manufacture.

He said, ''that TG was a Golf magazine and not an environmental magazine.'' I asked what is the criteria for being selected. He replied, ''a trusted golf brand.'' How do you define trusted? ''One that has been in business for a long time, a well known brand.''

It sounds as though a Golf Refugees eco t-shirt is unlikely to be selected. How will you compare the chosen t-shirts? ''Mainly on style and cost''. Is there a possibility of comparing fabrics and carbon footprint for the t-shirts? ''No''. Do TG ever ask the trusted brands how their golf clothing are made? ''No. But all brands now have to have an ethical policy and a carbon footprint policy.'' I've never seen this mentioned in TG. ''It's not something our readers are interested in.'' If you wish to mention these environmental matters it's up to you to advertise them.''

So there you have it. According to the biggest selling golf magazine in the UK, there is little interest from their readers on how their chosen golf shirts are made.


Outside new HQ?

Been wandering around our nearby business park.

Lots of newish, contemporary style lo-rise buildings, all glistening in the sunshine.
But no activity, unoccupied, not even a surveillance camera in sight.

One of these would make a great new HQ for Golf Refugees.


27 degrees. Ouch!

It's been twenty seven degrees in the UK today. What a scorcher.

A great day for playin golf in just a t-shirt and wide-brimmed hat; Mr Lu style.

Though the sunshine doesn't prevent you from hitting a wayward drive, even an unplayable lie can't put a cloud in the clear blue sky.