Researchers have found that men pictured wearing red or framed in red are more appealing to women, as compared to other colours.

Women in a follow-up study perceived men wearing red T-shirts to be significantly more likely to be high in status than men wearing blue T-shirts. The men in red also seemed more generally and sexually attractive.

Red may enhance sexual attractiveness because it is a status symbol, according to the authors of the study, which is published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology.

The power of red holds throughout the primate world. Female primates (including women) are "extremely adept at detecting and decoding blood flow changes in the face," the authors said, "and women have been shown to be more sensitive to the perception of red stimuli than are men."

"A man who wears red may feel dominant," they added, "which influences his self-confidence and behaviour and in turn may impress women."

From the above does that mean women are also attracted to men with high blood pressure? Do we therefore need a hot sauna before going out on the pull?

Come to think of it Tiger wears red on the final days of a major championships and he does quite well with the birdies.

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