Probably the most important golf product launch of 2010.
Golf Refugees button badges are now available.



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Golf Refugees have been bleating on for past few months trying to encourage more golf apparel brands to ditch their man-made petroleum derived polyester for their polo shirts. It’s a nasty fabric, though the big boys have done a great job in marketing it as a ‘technical’ fabric.

We were happy to read that J Lindeberg’s new spring 2010 collection is made from cotton. It’s a pity that JL aren’t using organic cotton, which uses substantially less pesticides, but hey, one step at a time.

Golf Refugees use certified organic cotton and we are the first carbon neutral golf apparel brand.



Characters in the modern game are few and far between, that's why Golf Refugees have named their new hat after the 1970's golfing legend Mr Lu.

Mr Lu cut an unmistakable figure at the 1971 British Open. The crowds at Royal Birkdale warmed to the 34-year-old Taiwanese player and his distinctive hat.
Some sparkling play saw him capture second place behind Lee Trevino, but it was Lu's taste in headwear that earned him cult status.

Throughout the tournament each burst of applause from the crowd was met by a tip of the brim.



Tiger to say thank you and sorry. Again.

Tiger's speech will no doubt include a big thank you to all who have continued to support him through this difficult time - apart from the sponsors who legged it as soon as trouble came knocking at his door and who will no doubt come crawling back once Tiger starts playing and winning tournaments again. 

And sorry, in particular, to his wife and young children and to his fans for letting them down.

Oscar Wilde once said, ‘you can resist anything but temptation,' and when you’re the biggest and highest paid sports star in the world, temptation is all around.

At this moment Tiger will not be answering any questions from the invited media.

If you purchased a TW shirt under the pretence of a squeaky clean image portrayed by him and his sponsors then you may still feel a bit short-changed. I’m not sure you can return your Nike shirt and get a refund on that basis, however, Tiger is still the best golfer of his generation in the World. Nothing can change that.

Here at Golf Refugees, we’d just like to know what Tiger eats for breakfast?



London based golf journalist Tom Cox is the only golfer to test both the original black ball by Golf Refugees and the rip-off Nike black ball launched three years later.

Tom recorded his experience for an article in The Times newspaper under the heading:‘Nike black balled over latest marketing gimmick'.



Well you can now ignore all of those reviews of the latest golf shoes from Nike, Adidas etc. After all, what do they know about shoes? 

Golf Refugees are going to be treading the fairways at some posh golf clubs in our spanking pair of Dr Marten golf shoes. Can you think about your favourite pair of shoes as a young punk?

That’s why Golf Refugees have developed a prototype golf shoe from a pair of Dr Martens. DM’s are an iconic tribal brand, we all wore them back in our halcyon days.

Golf Refugees thought about two product lines; a hardcore golf shoe with metal spikes and a softcore golf shoe shown here with you’ve guessed it soft spikes, screwed into their famous AirWare sole.