If Tiger accepts one of Corey Pavin’s wild card pics for the Ryder Cup, it could cost him a million quid. Usually Tiger gets paid a few million to turn up, so what’s going on?

The UK is currently the only nation in Europe that taxes endorsement income.

Wood's deal with Nike is rumoured to pay $40m a year. So if he played 14 events this year, and one of those is the Ryder Cup, he would be liable to pay tax, at 50 per cent, on one-fourteenth of that amount, leaving a tax bill of £900,000.

The UK taxman would no doubt also be interested in the reported $10m he receives from EA Sports, for whom his name and images appear in a computer game based on the Ryder Cup.

Tiger’s not alone, Sergio Garcia has revealed he limits UK appearances due to tax.


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