British fashion designer Stella McCartney has once again partnered with Adidas to design the uniforms of team Great Britain at Rio 2016 Olympics.
Stella uses three lions to create a new podium emblem for the GB Olympic Kit.
Here's our fun, playful re-take on the traditional three lions design used in GB sports kit.(see above image)
Golf Refugees ask Stella and Adidas three little questions;
1. What is the pay for the textile workers who made the garments?
2. How many classified carcinogen and hormone disruptor chemicals are used to make the kit?
3. Will the GB kit shed any microplastic particles when laundered?



Golf Refugees balls, side by side in perfect harmony.
The best 2-ball in golf?

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Golf Refugees do find it sad but unsurprising that no major golf tour such as the PGA, LPGA or LET are supporting Fashion Revolution day. We don't know of any golf professional who is supporting it either, which is also very sad. The treatment of textile workers who make our clothes will hopefully become more important to all of us. You will see picture after picture of golf stars wearing their sports apparel. On this day, golf magazines and golf channels should be featuring images of golfers wearing their shirts inside out and asking 'who made your clothes?'
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When we first launched the original heat absorbing black ball, which now holds a Guinness World Record for distance, a few reviewers commented on its poor visibility on the ground. At the time we did ask them to compare the visibility of a white ball both in the air and on the ground, which met with reluctance.

However, as we loved the dual coloured Ping golf balls, it seemed a good idea to design a 2 Tone ball.
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Cancer free sports apparel.
This is Golf Refugees goal. To provide sport tops free from chemicals classified as carcinogenic.

It is a considerable challenge as modern sportswear is a chemical product, where additional chemical based textile finishers are applied and then you have all of the toxic chemicals used in synthetic dyes to achieve long lasting bright colours.

Where possible we aim to use biodegradable fibres and 'green' chemistry to find safer alternatives. We have given this brief for ‘cancer free sportswear’ to a number of fashion colleges in the UK and we are actively seeking technical partners for this project.

We can’t continue to hide cancer causing chemicals in consumer products, especially when these products are designed to interact with your absorbing skin.

All of the classifications of the 'safer' chemicals used will be provided to consumers on our disclosure label, attached to each garment.

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Anatomy print polo shirt by Golf Refugees. Part of our disclosure label campaign on what's inside your sports apparel; from carcinogens to hormone disruptor chemicals. Long term how will they affect your body?

This week is Fashion Revolution week an ideal time to ask your favourite sportswear brand(s) what chemicals they use to make your clothes?

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The best looking ball in golf?
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If not, please make your suggestion.



“It is surely not beyond the realms of human wit to come up with a better global fashion system, one in which textile workers would be valued, paid enough to lead healthy lives and treated as human beings.”

“Poverty wages, coupled with huge rewards for those at the top, are one of the big causes of today’s inequality crisis.”

—British actor Bill Nighy

Golf Refugees are involved with sportswear, you only have to look at the poverty wages paid to textile workers compared with the riches of top sport executives and sponsored athletes.

How many sponsored golfers at this weeks Masters, will take a moment and consider the wages paid by their apparel brand to textile workers who made their clothes?

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Default. Consumers default position on sportswear (and other clothing) should be it's made in an exploitative manner using combinations of untested chemicals. Unless brands are prepared to provide you with information to prove otherwise.


Golf Refugees objective is to design cancer-free sportswear. What do we mean? Sportswear which uses no chemicals that are classified as carcinogenic. Why? Compared with other clothing, sportswear has greater interaction with your skin via increased friction and sweating whilst exercising. Especially when worn directly next to your absorbing skin.

You can help with this research by asking your favourite sportswear brand what carcinogens they currently use?
Process; identify cancer causing chemicals currently used in sportswear and their purpose and seek safer alternatives via green chemistry.

Would'nt you prefer to play sport in cancer-free apparel?