With the first major just around the corner, who should be the major winner during 2011?

The Masters 2011 - Ryo Ishikawa

US Open 2011 - Ryo Ishikawa
The Open 2011 - Ryo Ishikawa
PGA Championship 2011 - Ryo Ishikawa

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Japan earthquake;



Last weekend I celebrated my birthday. I had made numerous hints about my desire for a golf simulator, where you can analyse your swing and even compare it to your favourite pro golfer. I’d seen those ‘London eye’ look-a-like aluminium swing machines, but frankly they would look daft in the garden and there wouldn’t be enough room left to swing a cat.
It’s good to know that there are still brands you can trust. Hence I was delighted to read that my swing machine was made by ‘John Jacques’ who have been making serious kit since 1795.



‘There’s no money left’, were the infamous words left on a note by the out going Chief Secretary of the former Labour government. Could the same message be applicable to UK golf events?

The 2011 English Open at St Mellion has been cancelled amid growing concerns over the viability of professional golf tournaments in England. Organisers say they were unable to raise the £2m sponsorship needed to hold the event in August.

BBC Sport's golf correspondent Iain Carter feels sponsors are unwilling to take the initial step, despite the potential rewards. "It's a reflection of the trend that we're seeing in European golf at the moment in that the sponsors are to be found the other side of the World, not in Europe, not in Great Britain and certainly not in England. They're prepared to do that in the growing markets in the Far East and so many European golf events take place in Asia now.

Golf Refugees suggest moving UK golf events from the more expensive prestigious golf courses such as the Jack Nicholas signature course St Mellion. I’m sure my local public golf course would be happy to hold the 2011 English Open

UK economic growth is going to be sluggish for the next few years. How about the Austerity English Open?




Somebody told us that there is going to be a little games event in London next year.

Here’s our graphic. Do you like it?



There was a young lady from Bude,
Who had scenes of old England tattooed,
Her boyfriend, one day
Went the whole Penine Way,
With the Cheddar Gorge still to be viewed.

Apart from this limerick the only other Bude tit bit I know is about enterprising farmer, Tim Northcote from the north coast of Devon. Who has created the most difficult par 3 golf hole challenge, where the green sits on top of a rocky out crop and a make-shift tee on the cliff top some 270 yards away.

All money raised will be donated to the RLNI lifeboat station at Bude. The hole officially opens on April 1 - for a fiver a shot - every weekend until the end of July. Anyone who manages a hole in one will win a £10,000 car.



As reported a few months ago. Fortune Brands Inc is selling off their golf unit which includes Titleist golf balls, FootJoy shoes and gloves.
Last year, in 2010, their golf unit had $100 million in cash flow which translates to a valuation of $800 to $1 billion.

Potential suitors fall into four categories;

High net-worth individuals who like playing golf - The Duke of York
Strategic players - Sweatshop brands
Private equity firms - Loan sharks
Asian or Middle Eastern sovereign investors - Friends of The Duke of York



For most people golf is too slow, too expensive and too difficult.
So this poses the question. How to speed up, cheapen and make golf easy?

With the latest golf equipment buzz spinning around adjustable drivers, where you can alter all manner of angles. Why not go the whole nine yards and include irons? That way you could significantly reduce the number of clubs you need to play golf.

What about clocking on and clocking off with your tee time? If you complete your round more than 30 minutes quicker than allocated time, based upon the average time it takes to complete a round of golf on that particular course. You would receive a green fee reduction. Like wise if you exceed your time by over 30 minutes you’d be charged an additional green fee.

Why not have two holes and pins on every green? That way you double the opportunity of being near the pin with every approach shot. And if you and your golfing partners select a different pin, that would help to speed up putting.



Do marked drop zones make golf boring?

One of my favorite golf shots of all time was watching Bernhard Langer hit a ‘tree shot’ out of an Ash at Fulford Golf Club.
And who didn’t mind watching Henrik Stenson strip off down to his undies to perform a ‘splash shot’?

Let’s get right back to playing the golf ball where it lies. It’s just hard cheese if a pro hits the ball into spectator stands or near a television cable. After all they are the best golfers in the World and conjuring up a shot is a great spectacle to watch.



Last week I met Melissa Reid, arguably the best female golfer in Europe, and yes I was a little bit nervous.

Thinking about our meeting, I definitely talked, rambled on way too much, even cutting Melissa off a couple of times. In contrast Mel had a very relaxed, quiet persona. She probably thought it was like watching Peter Snow on election night.

After traveling the World with an entourage of thirteen experts under the guidance of Sir Clive Woodward, playing with some of the best golfers and footballers, a little meeting with a golf refugee is no great shakes.

My overriding impression of her is that she is a genuine sporting star. Someone who has trained and perfected a path to sporting greatness. Naturally not wanting to be out done I talked about my own sporting achievements.

This can be summed up by three little plastic trophies on my bedroom window ledge.

So there you are the pro and the plonker.