Research has shown that polyester, although lighter than cotton will absorb the odor of the perspiration and not release it when washed. Hence you may find yourself putting on a newly washed polyester shirt which still contains your body odor from a previous round of golf.

Cotton on the other hand, as a natural fibre will allow the perspiration to wash right out, leaving you a clean fresh smelling golf shirt after each wash to play in.

I guess the pros could always change into a new polyester golf shirt after each hole. And at the same tine increase the viewing figures for both womens and mens golf.




The only golf ball to worship the sun.
The original heat-absorbing black golf ball >>



To be more precise; a twelve ‘irregular’ stripe hand-dyed in Britain, organic carbon neutral, women’s size medium golf polo shirt in tropical green.

Unfortunately it will not be seen on the LET or LPGA tour where polyester apparel made from refined crude oil with toxic catalyst antimony trioxide rule the fairways.

Yada yada yada.






Business model A.
Find the cheapest least regulated country to make your sports apparel.
No need to worry about unions or workers human rights or paying a living wage.
The absolute lowest legal wage and conditions will do.
No need to worry about polluting local rivers or local air quality.
No need to worry about using toxic chemicals that have been banned elsewhere.

All the money you save by doing the above can be used to create a positive brand image by using clever advertising creatives, sponsor major sporting events and attractive tour professionals.

No need for Plan B. As many of your favourite sports brands have proved how successful business model A is at pulling the wool over so many sport fans.



Here is the unofficial London 2012 Olympics apparel label.



Colin Montgomerie aka Mrs Doubtfire has said golf fans in the United States are “not as knowledgeable as those in Great Britain”.
To qualify this he goes on to say “I don’t think the golf fans in America are members of golf clubs in the way they are here. At Wentworth next week, most of the fans will be golfers and understand and respect the etiquette of the game”.

Is the former European Ryder Cup Captain saying don't bother coming to a British golf event unless you play golf, are a member of a golf club and know how to keep quiet for several hours?

Well that should help grow the game of golf and reach out to a wider audience.



Wildlife populations have declined by more than 30% in the past four decades.
Tropical species have tumbled by 60% since 1970.
In Asia, tiger numbers have fallen 70% in just 30 years.

Underlying cause of declines in nature was the rate of human over-consumption.

We need to discuss sustainable development and address planet Earth’s dwindling natural resources with the same urgency and determination leaders put into resolving the financial crises – World Wildlife Fund



Message to Donald Trump.
Most crazy golf courses have a windmill on one hole.




A tax on plastic bags has been hailed a big success. After supermarkets in
Wales reported a massive 90% drop in the use of plastic bags when a levy of 5p was introduced.

From next year shoppers in Northern Ireland will have to pay 5p for a plastic bag rising to 10p in 2014. Scotland is considering a similar plan and government ministers are also considering adopting a charge throughout England after a voluntary initiative failed to deliver anticipated reductions. There is enormous support from groups including the Marine Conservation Society and The National Trust.

Plastic bags take up to 1,000 years to rot away. Causing devastation to marine animals and birds, who can suffer long painful deaths after ingesting plastic particles or become tangled-up in plastic litter.

With the World’s oceans becoming increasingly littered with plastic waste is it time to consider a levy on other plastic goods? How about plastic drinking bottles? Only 5% of plastics are currently recycled, it is an ever increasing environmental problem.

Eight percent of the Worlds oil production is used to make plastics. It takes approximately 50ml of crude oil to make each polyester based sports shirt.

It would be a very brave decision to impose a levy on sport related plastic products to help finance a cleaning up of our oceans, with the current obesity epidemic.

On the eve of the London 2012 Olympics should we all be starting to think of alternatives to running, jumping, skipping around in polyester shirts and then using plastic drink bottles to replenish ourselves?



Just came across a piece from one of our favourite blogs ‘golfstinks’ who have taken the usual step to review some golf apparel.

Now we don’t go around with branches stuffed down our pants like Morrissey, but we are curious about how things are made.
Which is why we’d be asking; where is it made? What energy sources are used to power the factories?

Now you will probably get a blank look from a salesperson if you asked the latter. And I can’t recall any review ever asking this question. But this stuff really does matter.
For example; coal; it’s dirty, polluting, causes asthma and other lung diseases.

You can understand why major sportswear brands keep quiet about using coal-fired power stations to make their golf apparel. You certainly won’t find it on their care labels. Though ‘made in China’ is a clue.

Time to come clean. Let's put how our gear is made on the label. This is why Golf Refugees apparel is made using wind and solar power.


Because our stripes are hand-dyed they are very special; we call them ‘irregular stripes’.
Each one is different, unique, just like you.
Hand-dyed irregular striped golf polo's or plain stripes. Which do you prefer?



A few years ago Golf Refugees decided to use graffiti style graphics for their ‘white’ golf ball. We hit upon a problem regarding the printing plate size limit for decorating the ball. To overcome this we commissioned a group of graffiti artists in London to spray some balls in their own individual style.

With new ‘360 degree printing’ technology, is the era of the plain golf ball coming to an end?

Now I may well have been heavily influenced by watching those ‘hairy bikers’ bake around Europe on their recent TV cookery series. So how about playing with a hairy golf ball?

A Beatles haircut ball or for those under-age a Bieber hair ball.


Ten pounds or twelve euros or just fifteen US dollars plus P&P.

100% organic cotton t-shirt sale, manufactured by wind and solar power.

Screen printed graphics;
Bandit (S, L, XL) light grey, chocolate print (pictured)
BMX (S, L, XL) black or brown, white print
Custom Car (S, M) navy, white print
Golf Refugees logo (S, L. XL) olive green, dark grey, light grey print
Trophy (L) yellow, light grey print

Just e-mail ‘blogteeoffer’ to ‘refugees@btinternet.com

Golf Refugees t-shirts.



Cheeky, rebellious graffiti artist Banksy’s stencil of kissing policemen, sprayed on a
Brighton pub wall, has been named the single work of art that best expresses British Identity.



Many high profile, former major winning golfers turn their hands to the lucrative world of course design.

But are they really the best people to design new golf courses?
Golf Refugees would argue they are exactly the wrong people. No doubt they are very knowledgeable about shot creation and what constitutes a challenging golf course for professional golfers.
But wait a minute. The vast majority of people who enjoy and play golf are at best ‘average’ golfers.

We therefore conclude that unless you desire a golf course for future consideration for a major championship. The best people to design your new golf course are rubbish golfers.

Lee Travino, one of our favourite golfers, thinks there is no need to build golf courses longer than 6,900 yards. And greens should be open at the front, to allow golfers to bump and run the ball onto the green. That’s more like it.