With psychic octopus 'Paul' correctly predicting all of Germany's World Cup soccer results.
It begs the question who will triumph at this months Solheim Cup, Europe v USA from Killeen Castle, Ireland?

Instead of listening to the usual so-called experts, Golf Refugees have instead turned to a home-grown pedigree slug called Sigourney.

With her insatiable appetite for locally grown organic lettuce, we’ll entice Sigourney to make her predictions for the foursomes, fourballs and singles matches.

It’s going to be a busy few days for Sigourney, commencing 23–25th September.

Let the munching begin.



When you learn how to drive (in the UK), you have to put an ‘L’ plate on the back of your car and be accompanied by a more experienced driver.

You learn on the back roads, where traffic is light, before venturing out onto the busy main roads.

But what happens when you learn how to play golf?

To make golf courses more learner friendly, should there be learner tees positioned much closer to the greens?

You could even stick an ‘L’ sign on your golf bag.



Greenpeace have reported that traces of toxic chemicals harmful to the environment and to human health have been detected in products made by top clothing manufacturers.

Samples of clothing from Adidas, Uniqlo, Calvin Klein, H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch, Lacoste, Converse and Ralph Lauren were found to be tainted with the chemicals, known as nonylphenol ethoxylates.

Greenpeace said that nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE's), commonly used as detergents in the production of synthetic textiles, were detected in two-thirds of the samples tested. "NPE's break down to form nonylphenol, which has toxic, persistent and hormone-disrupting properties."

Greenpeace said that it purchased branded clothing - mostly made in China, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines - and subjected it to scientific analysis. "Even at low levels, it represents a big threat to the environment and human health."

Adidas also came under fire in a separate Greenpeace report released last month, which accused them of polluting major rivers in China with chemical waste. As the second biggest player in the sportswear industry, Adidas has an obligation to detoxify its global supply chain. "So far, the brand has done nothing despite repeated requests. This is really unacceptable.”





Abercrombie & Fitch, also known as ‘Applecrumble & Fish’, have taken the unusual step of paying a celebrity not to wear their brand after Jersey Shore star Michael Sorrentino caused too much offence and “significant damage” to the brands ‘inspirational’ image.

Could this start a new trend with sports apparel brands paying professional golfers simply to do nothing?



This is ‘ginger spice’ aka Geri Halliwell practising her putting wearing a frilly pink bikini. 

Rumours are circulating that in addition to her bikini line she’s contemplating a range of ladies golf wear called ‘Wannabe’.



The Beatles playing golf at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway golf course, back in 1964.
Did golf influence any of The Beatles songs?

Fixing a hole–Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Here, there and Everywhere–Revolver
Long Long Long–The White Album
Magical Mystery Tour–Magical Mystery Tour



Tiger returned to miss the cut at the US PGA wearing a pair of Nike prototype golf shoes.
Featuring ‘free’ inspired elements which allow greater movement for the front of the foot, increasing stability with mobility. Nike says
“This will help give Tiger greater stability as he addresses the ball.”

Tiger hit 20 bunkers in 36 holes. Must be all that increased stability.

He also played with the latest clubs and ball and kept cool in the southern heat by the UV protective, Dri-fit shirt.

And none of it helped.

Will there now be a dose of consumer reality as to the benefits of shedding out loads of dosh for the newest equipment?

Using the latest Nike golf gear isn’t going to improve your game. Just ask Tiger.



Tiger says he’s fit and ready to win again, starting with this weeks US PGA Championships at the Atlantic Athletic Club.

The bookies are not so sure with odds of 25-1 compared with favourite Rory McIlroy at 12-1 and Lee Westwood 15-1.

There are also rumours of a Tiger debt crises, after a costly divorce and loyal sponsors such as Tag Heuer calling time out on renewing their $10 million contract.

Tiger’s remaining sponsors are Nike, EA Sports and Valentin Kowa – a Japanese heat rub (though the Nike contract is up at the end of this season, after already being reduced by 50% for this year).

If Tiger’s win-less streak continues, what value will Nike put on continuing their relationship beyond 2012? Can you imagine Tiger without swoosh splattered attire?

They say when the chips are down you learn who your real friends are and Bryon Bell, President of Tiger Woods Design, is helping out as Tiger's caddie for the tournament, replacing the modest Steve Williams.



We are still experimenting with colours and patterns for our 2012 eco golf polo collection for men & women.

Keeping our fingers crossed that some golf stars will wear with pride our ethically made, organic carbon neutral polo’s on tour.



Many eyes and words will be following Tiger’s return at Firestone Country Club for the WGC Bridgestone invitation. He’ll be playing with newly crowned Open champion Darren Clarke.
But what about the ladies, did someone ask?

Well from this picture you have a great comparison of British and American golf, with Melissa Reid and Stacy Lewis.

With more local knowledge Reidy opted for trousers on a typical British Isles summers day in Dublin harbour. I guess the blue golf balls represent Europe and the red USA. With our eco hats on they should have used those biodegradable balls which contain fish feed in the core for some underwater love.

Different swing techniques, with a flatter, right arm tucked in swing from the Brit and a more upright swing from across the pond.

Reidy won this duel in sudden death. Fortunately neither golfer suffered from hypothermia.

Great rivalry all bodes well for next months Solheim Cup played at the Jack Nicklaus signature course in Killen Castle. I wonder if Rory will pop round and take a butchers?






What do you do with your old wooden golf clubs?
Some bright eco spark has made a neat tape dispenser.



Tiger's new caddie - swing coach, Romeo?


To perform a fluid powerful shot you need to relax.

Dr Fred Travis Director of the Centre for Brain, Consciousness and Cognition says that golfers need to stop thinking and just focus on breathing patterns. Otherwise this self-interference can result in anger and frustration.

For validation you need look no further than swing coach Romeo, who had Tin Cup turn his hat around backwards, put a golf tee behind his left ear, put all of his change in his left pocket and tie his left shoe in a double knot, and then hit the ball.

Tin Cup asks, just like that I’m cured? And Romeo replies, yeah, you stopped thinking about your swing cause you were so worried about how silly you looked.