How would you describe Luke Donald’s personality?

Well, according to the man himself, he’s a bit too quiet and fails to show his true emotions out on the golf course. 

Believing the golfing public may view him as rather ‘grey’ and ‘dull’, Donald has joined the Twitter ranks so that he can show readers a more ‘interesting’ side with his love of painting and fine wine.

Golf Refugees are not so sure this is going to work. Much better to start with a few celebratory punches followed by an all night bender after winning the WGC Match Play Championship.



An unassuming image from the swinging 70’s.

To my untrained eye it looks like a modern day shoulder turn.

On the fashion stakes, I’ve read that flares are making a big come back. 'Oxford bags' anyone? 






Now, it’s true that a Golf Refugees ball has never won a professional golf tournament.
That is probably down to the fact that there isn’t a golf pro playing with them. No tournament wins, so what.

However some top geezer contacted us this week to spill the beans on his recent golfing success. He’d just achieved 40 stableford points with five birdies and three pars around the tight Duchess course at Woburn Golf & Country Club, home of the Poulter.
Naturally at a such a prestigious club, where your first annual membership fee costs a cool 10k, if you can get in, their members tend to use the traditionally branded golf balls at three quid a pop.

How satisfying for him and us that his obvious golfing ability and Golf Refugees ‘graffiti’ ball led him to relieve his Titliest pro v1 playing buddies of a pony and a few rounds of drinks. (Pony=£25)



Some people use colourful language when they are angry.

Golf Refugees use colourful t-shirts.



Tiger has been caught gobbing. Last year he was caught knobbing.

To gob or not to gob, that is the question? ‘Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles.’

One of my favourite golfing memories was watching John Daly win the Open at St Andrews. And yes, he gobbed on the hollowed turf before lifting the claret jug.
Personally, I find his jumpers more offensive.

Will Tiger be fined per spit? How much for picking your nose, rolling and eating your bogies?

What about Nadal in tennis, when he adjusts his thong between pert buttocks before serving? Serving up a treat.

Homosapien’s are dirty creatures, even the ones who wear blazers.



You see, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing jeans to play golf.




I came across the following extract from an article in Forbes magazine.
The joys of winter shooting by Jane E Simoni

Among the myriad horrors of winter, there may be no more depressing sight than watching golfers hit brightly colored balls around snowy links. These are the truly sad people who are lost without golf and too lazy to learn how to ski.

Over the past few years, more and more golf refugees have been finding a winter fix blasting away at sporting clays with a shotgun. Now, with many gun clubs open all year, the current sporting clays has earned the title "golf with a gun." (Or, in the words of Wayne McLoughlin's satirical book Hook and Bullet: "Sporting Clays is Loud Golf."



The European Tour aficionados are set to penalise Henrik Stenson and Miguel ‘Anger’ Jimenez over their recent club throwing incidents.

What would be the appropriate punishment?

A fine for those who are already very rich? A ruler across the knuckles? How about the slipper? It all sounds stupid to us.

What’s wrong with players showing their frustration out on the course? It makes them seem more human to fans and supporters. Better to vent their anger than bottle it all up and take it out on their partners or prostitutes.

Golf needs more characters not more silent robots.

How about penalising golfers who are too boring? If the blazers insist upon taking action for “conduct unbecoming a professional”, which they probably will. How about a stint of community service? A few hours teaching ‘rubbish’ golfers how to play, party and behave.




Banks and consulting firms are one of the biggest sponsors of our beloved game.

After the public bailout of the private sector financial services industry to the tune of billions and billions, even trillions of dollars. Shouldn’t the paying public now get free tickets to the golf events sponsored by ‘the too big to fail’ banks?



pic: ilovegreyskies

Will Tiger get his mojo back?