With the Ryder Cup looming, Captains picks are a hot topic (no pun intended).

Monty’s picks;
Naturally we think he’ll go for a Kit Kat (four fingered), then another good selection would be a Toffee Crisp. If you’re looking for a wild card pick how about Wine Gums? Who can always be relied upon in moments of stress. A safe pair of hands would be Rolo’s. But who would Monty be sharing his last Rolo with?

Let’s all hope at the end of the event we’ll hear Monty shout “The Milky Bars are on me.”


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  1. It seems Monty has only picked players who are supporting the European Tour. Lucky Luke Donald played a few European events to try and get one of the automatic places. Leaving the Casey's and Rose's who made no effort high and dry. I guess Harrington got the nod because he's won some majors, though not playing particularly well at the moment.