When discussing sportswear you are really talking about polyester. An established sports brand using 120 kg of polyester (including recycled polyester) annually, will shed from washing their garments once a week; 728 million plastic microfibres per year.
This simple calculation undermines any statements that sportswear brands are sustainable.
Microfibres are the biggest ocean polluting issue you've never heard of.
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Can the K-signature ball be saved? This tour spec ball at $15 per doz was great for consumers but bad news for the business models of OEM's.
Could someone (group) place a large order for these balls with Nassau and supply again via another retailer? Golf Refugees have a quote from the manufacturer, we will see if this quote is still valid.

There could be other manufacturers who produce a tour-spec 3 / 4 - piece ball. MyGolf Spy could ask and test these to see which is best and comparable to the performance of the Korean Nassau / Kirkland ball.
Our idea would be for a 'consumer ball'. Where the packaging could depict images from people who place orders.
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Chelsea football club are in their final year of a kit deal with Adidas, before starting a new £60 million per season shirt sponsorship with Nike.
So we thought we’d ask them a couple of simple questions regarding their football shirts;
What material(s) are this seasons authentic & replica Chelsea football shirts made from?
Will they shed any plastic microfibres when washed?
Cheslea’s customer services reply;
Dear Customer
Thank you for your email to Chelsea Customer Services. I can confirm that the authentic shirt is exactly the same shirt that the players will wear during matches these shirts are made of slightly higher quality materials than the replicas. The authentic shirts are also much tighter than the replica and are designed to be skin tight.
The replica shirts are as the name suggests a replica of the shirts that the players wear. These are designed for fans that will not necessarily require all the technology in the authentic shirts, they are also a looser fit than the authentic shirts so may be a more comfortable option.
Any further questions?
Please contact us and we’ll aim to respond to you within 24 hours.