USA Ryder Cup team enjoyed a traditional Welsh meal on their first day at Celtic Manor.


Official European 2010 Ryder Cup Team photo.


Would you wear this t-shirt? You are probably already wearing it.



'I couldn’t be less “Eco” if I tried but I do feel increasingly guilty about that. We know how to make the world a cleaner place, we have the technology and the money and all the tools so in my opinion we have a duty to do it, regardless of whether or not you believe the global warming argument. 

So it got me thinking. How eco-friendly are Nike’s t-shirts / polo shirts? Adidas or Reebok? Ping, Callaway or any of the others. You know what – I don’t know. I can’t find any information about it and what does that tell you…they’re probably not eco in the slightest. If they were, they’d be shouting about it, you know they would. I stand to be corrected but it seems pretty clear cut.

It’s not going to change my life or anything but when faced with a decision on where I spend my next £30 on a new golf shirt, I can’t help but be drawn to a brand like Golf Refugees.
Not only will I be able to piss-off the old codgers but I’ll also be able to do it knowing that I’ve done a bit for mother earth and therefore, the golf course I’m playing on.

If you want a decent shirt and a clear conscience you won’t go wrong with the Golf Refugees.'





Since the first Ryder Cup held on British soil in April 1929, has anything changed?

The American team was led by the playboy trailblazer Walter Hagan. No change there then.

The home team included Henry Cotton, and as he names suggests he wore a combination of natural fibres; tweed and cotton. Nowadays he’d be all logoed up in cheap nasty polyester, which is derived from petroleum.

Played in Yorkshire, late April the players had to endure hailstorms and greens covered in snow. This week in Wales, Ryder Cup players can expect lots of rain.

Back in 1929 the result was a 7-5 victory to Great Britain. Let’s hope the result stays the same.




Vale of Glamorgan brewery 'Tiger Would' beer.

A top pint.


Here at Golf Refugees we always endeavour to be helpful.

Organising a big golf event, such as the Ryder Cup is no mean task. Hence we’ve submitted our uniform idea ‘Out of bounds, naturally’ to the committee for all of the hard working staff and volunteers at next month’s event.

Health and safety always a priority.



No doubt it’s been a tricky year for singleton Tiger, but what could be better than a trip to Wales to play golf and sample the local brew?

To celebrate The Vale of Glamorgan brewery has produced a special edition ‘ale’ to mark the arrival of Tiger in the principality. The beer, whose logo features a scantily-clad blonde holding a golf ball, goes by the name of 'Tiger Would'. Some 6,000 pints of the beer have been brewed and will be sold in pubs throughout South Wales, including several in Newport – host of the Ryder Cup course Celtic Manor.

Who knows with his beer goggles on Tiger might pull a real Welsh cracker.




Major corporations were removed from a social investment index series because of concerns on human rights, climate change the UK index provider FTSE Group said.

Many managers of so-called "socially responsible funds" use the FTSE4Good and similar indexes to screen companies before buying their shares.

The most prominent change made on Thursday was the decision by FTSE's policy committee to drop BP Plc. FTSE said the oil giant was removed after its committee considered the social and environmental impact of the company's huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico this year.

The committee also dropped Japanese company Bridgestone Corp citing "human rights" issues. Bridgestone have so far not responded to requests for comment.

If you play with a Bridgestone golf ball, how do you feel about it?



Golf Refugees are thinking about moving into underwear.

Fairtrade men's underpants with transfer printed golf ball graphics. Available in both white and black.

What do you think?



Golf is synonymous with dress codes.

USA wild card pick Tiger Woods will no doubt be a big threat at the Ryder Cup. Europe may need to think ‘outside the box’ to nullify his golfing performance.

Golf Refugees would like to suggest this as the official dress code for the European wives.
Our only concern is that it may be a bit chilly during October in Wales.

Picture courtesy of Beach Golf



Now that Monty and Pavin have announced their teams. Golf Refugees thought we’d pick a team for the Ryder Cup 2010 at Celtic Manor, which is in WALES.

Tom Jones

Aled Jones
Catherine Zeta Jones
Gryff Rhy Jones
Jonathan Pryce
Rob Brydon
Shirley Bassey
Charlotte Church
Rhys Ifans
Anthony Hopkins
Carole Vorderman
Dawn French

We’ve gone for a mixture of Welsh comedians, actors, singers and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Dawn French may be a surprise pick for some and Shaking Stevens is quoted as saying ‘he is bitterly disappointed not to be selected’

To confuse the opposition we intend to put out an all ‘Jones’ Fourball group.




This weekend I got myself a free pass for the Travis Perkins Senior European Masters at Woburn Golf Club. Parked the Astra in the public car park and strolled past a nice collection of motors and a few modern thermoplastic motor-homes. My favourite was an old Ducato, it looked great, probably from the 70’s in beige and a left hooker.

Didn’t have the correct pass to walk through the clubhouse to mingle with the players, security guards directed me around following the scent from the burger stalls. The tournament sponsors were giving away a free 10 minute golf lesson. All you had to do was wait-in-line and register your name. I was feeling quite confident hoping for some positive feedback. My teacher was quite a small elderly chap, he handed me a seven iron and asked me to hit a couple of shots into the net whilst he filmed my swing.
You’re quite stiff in the leg, which is good, most people are a bit loose, then he paused, ah yes, you have a major swing fault. You tilt forwards, when turning your shoulders on your backswing. I must have frowned at that point. He then demonstrated a couple of exercises I could practise and said it would be difficult for me to improve without correcting it. That really cheered me up, where’s the beer tent?
Now, who to follow? It’s a bit like deciding which protruding belly to follow. I hadn’t heard of most of them and then I spotted a board saying Woosnam, the dynamic pint-sized Welshman. Unfortunately he’d just finished, but luckily I chanced upon a three ball with Sam Torrance. Ok he’s a funny shape, but hits the ball a country mile. Sam was quite chatty with the crowd and smoked roll-ups like a trooper. Watched him drive on the par 5 fifteenth and smack a ball 350 yards straight into a gorse bush. An eagle-eyed ball spotter pointed Sam towards a thick bush and he dived in there to retrieve his ball. I asked his caddy if he was going back to the tee, but Sam decided to walk back a few yards, line of sight with a penalty stroke. Hit a good recovery shot 80 yards short of the green and then played a great wedge to within 2 feet of the pin for a tap in par. Easy.
These seniors may look past their prime but they’re still fantastic golfers.



What’s in a name?

If you choose a more unusual name such as ‘Golf Refugees’ it is more likely you will be able to trade mark it for the categories you desire without there being any prior art.

However by taking this route you may miss out on some commercial opportunities. Karsten’s Ping has just announced a trade mark deal with Apple Inc. Ping held a number of intellectual property rights over the generic term which are still ‘live’ in some communication categories. Hence when Apple came along wishing to launch their new social network called ‘Ping’ a deal needed to be struck. Kachung!