You'll need plenty of XXXX

With the clocks going back this Sunday, I've been wondering if there's enough daylight hours to get a quick 9 holes at my local par 3 course.

But how about a course that takes 4 days to complete? Dreamed up "over a couple of beers", it is hoped the links will attract tourists to the Eyre Highway, which traverses the desolate Nullarbor Plain in Southern Australia.

Golfers will stop at one roadhouse, play a hole, then drive on to the next tee 50 miles down the road in some cases. Tees are artificial and sand, grit and gravel make up the majority of the rest of the course.
The Nullarbor Links references its outback landscape with holes called - Dingo's Den, Border Kangaroo, Oyster Beds, Golden Horse and 90 Mile Straight.

Operators expect the course to become a major tourist attraction, saying international interest is already proving strong.

"The Japanese are prepared to play golf on a rooftop, that's how keen they are. Can you imagine?
They'll be flocking in hordes to get over here and play this. Australian Tourism Minister announced government funding for the project , saying the money would be used to help promote the golf course and pay for signs and fixtures at each hole location.
Even ahead of its official opening, 600 golfers have played the course, and the Nullarbor Links boasts members in 27 countries. Are you up for the challenge?

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