A worthy cause

There are many worthy causes in the World today; caring for the poor, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked.

But if you are a sports brand, then you need to have the best players wearing and using your products.
In golf the very best player costs 20 million dollars a year. Hence today, Golf Refugees are launching a Worldwide appeal to raise this sum. All we ask is for each person to donate just 10 dollars, by our calculation we only require 2 million denotees. Who will each become a shareholder. Think of it as owning a small piece of the World's best golfer, say an eyebrow, or a finger nail or a few chest hairs for a whole year.

Please send your donation by contacting Golf Refugees with the title; 'Help us get the World's best golfer'

For other worthy causes please contact; Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Amnesty International, UNICEF.

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