The Birdie Sisters

You've heard of the William's sisters in tennis; Venus and Serena, well here are the Birdie sisters for golf; Myah and Erica. Granted they are only 9 and 11 years old respectively,
but when you listen to interviews of today's sports stars they all started playing competitively at a very young age. By the time they were 15 some had over ten years experience and some will go on to retire at the tender age of 25. It's no good looking back when you're in your mid-thirties and mull over that you were quite good a such a sport as a teenager, but didn't do enough about it.

Myah and Erica are pictured here putting with the original black golf ball at their home town golf course in Chicago. These talented duo are also spending their time playing the piano and practising taekwondo.

Well, I'm off to strap up my ankles and knees before playing sport. You never know after a couple of pints I might even break out a tune on the old spoons.

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  1. Tiger and Phil, started playing very young and are still playing. Most of the great ones start early. You can start playing at 20 and stop at 25. I think people who do not find a great deal of sucess in there sport move on to something else to find sucess. May not be burn out.