Should we sponsor a six year old?

I received an e-mail from the father of a promising young golfer looking for sponsorship.

Should Golf Refugees sponsor a future pro golfer, currently playing on the US Kids Tour in Los Angeles? Though only six years old, Kristopher received the 'Player of the year' title for 2009. He likes the urban 'hip hop' feel of our apparel and wishes to play with the original black ball.

Yes, he could be the next Tiger. I can't remember what I was doing aged six, but it definitely didn't involve striving for sporting fame and fortune. More likely to be grabbing a handful of soil and searching for worms. By the time I started to think about a career and girls, young sports stars today are thinking about retiring after ten years of pushing their minds and bodies to the max.

Fortunately in the sport of golf you can still achieve major success with the body of a retired sumo wrestler.

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