Do you look 'right'?

Brands spend a small fortune on creating an appealing image. But how far do they go in pursuit of perfection? And should we as consumers fall for all this smoke and mirrors?

I have some Abercrombie & Fitch catalogues and they do look good. Page after page of beautiful people, all smiling and looking super trim. Now, I have a bit of a belly and thinning hair, so not the ideal look for A&F. This is probably why at Golf Refugees we advocate a no dress code policy, it's more about attitude rather than looks.

In a recent tribunal, details of A&F's strict enforced dress policy were laid bare for all. From rules governing the length of a women's finger nails, to what colour toe nail polish is acceptable.

Rian Dean who was working at A&F's flagship store in Saville Row, London, was initially given permission to wear a plain white cardigan to cover the join of her prosthetic lower arm. Unfortunately a rule branding manager used the company's 'look policy' to remove her from the shop floor, out of sight of the customers.

Rian hopes that her legal victory for unfair dismissal will make Abercrombe & Fitch realise that beauty lies in diversity rather than perfection.

Personally I doubt they will give it a second thought, as long as us consumers continue to buy into brands marketing masquerade.

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