Onion golf ball

Just been reading about the new Taylor Made Penta golf ball. Will this trend continue, with future golf balls featuring more and more layers? Could we all end up playing with onion golf balls?

For some reason this reminds me of the developemnt of wet shavers. With the savage single blade Bic razor, followed by the Wilkinson Sword classic double edge and now the five bladed Gillette Fusion Phenom.
I notice that Tiger and Co appear in the latest Gillette 'The best a man can get' TV advertisement.

Spot the guy with bits of tissue all over his face, after using the new 24 bladed razor. I dread to think what my girlfriend would do with that, if she borrowed it.
My design training focused on 'less is more', but what do I know? I think I may just grow a beard and stick with my heat absorbing original 2-piece black ball.

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