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Golf Refugees Carbon Neutral Apparel Review

First Impressions:
Once out of the box our initial reaction was that we liked both shirts quite a bit. Their logo is fantastic and the shirts were very soft to the touch. The material on the t-shirt was quite nice. Extremely thin and reminded me of the material used in the high priced printed t-shirts you see in the stores or possibly own. The material of the polo shirt can only be described as “felt like”. It reminded both of us of the pieces of felt we used in crafts as kids.

From the company:
As well as being 100% organic, certified by The Soil Association. All of our new shirts will also be carbon neutral. This means that they’ll only be manufactured using sustainable energy generated purely from wind power. The Carbon Trust calculated that our Men’s size large shirt, cuts CO2 emissions by over 89%.

Thoughts on the T-Shirt:
While this author does not approve of wearing t-shirts on the course, many of our readers play at courses that allow this, so of course we do not have a problem with it. We are also always looking for something to expand our wardrobe off the fairways as well. The Golf Refugees T-Shirt was worn to the range as well as around the course and each time I liked it quite a bit. Extremely soft and thin with a logo on the arm that I really enjoy and most of their shirts have some interesting prints on them.

Thoughts on the Polo Shirt:
As much as we liked the t-shirt, we were eager looking forward to testing out the polo shirt. The polo shirt features the same logo shown above on the sleeve on the front breast of the shirt. It also features the Golf Refugees logo featured in gray on the center of the back. Once suited up in the polo, we headed to the course. We played 3 full rounds in this shirt and really enjoy the look of it. Those that struggle with collars getting folded or becoming “off looking” will be glad to know that this one lasted 4 washes without that happening.

What makes the Golf Refugees Carbon Neutral Organic Cotton shirts so appealing is the process from beginning to end. I am not sure we have seen any other Golf brand go this far. Golf Refugees make sure that it not only meets ethical and environmental guidelines, but endures a manufacturing process which saves fuel, money, and ultimately the planet Earth.
For more information on these shirts or any of the other goods that Golf Refugees carries check out their website;

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