Aerodynamic Driver

There has been numerous PR articles in the golfing media regarding Adams Golf new Speedline Driver. Apparently it represents a fundamental change in golf club design and introduces groundbreaking technology to reduce the aerodynamic drag hence increasing the club head speed for modern high volume drivers.

I can recall Yonex advocating aerodynamic features to reduce drag for their drivers over the past twenty years or more.

After studying aerodynamics and gaining work experience with a Formula One racing car team in the UK, I designed and patented an aerodynamic club head design for a driver. It's a few years old now, but I still believe the windtunnel testing and CFD analysis to be valid and worthy of comparison to the more recent efforts of the major golf brands. In an age where rounded golf clubs were all the rage, my streamlined design stood out from the crowd. The elliptical profiles and sculptured sole features are now the norm. Here's your chance to view once more, one of the most conceptual golf club designs. Dare I say iconic and inspirational.

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