Is Polyester pants?

Been flicking through some golf mags and came across a fashion feature for the latest polo shirts from high-end brands. All very stylish, all very expensive and all made from polyester!

This got me thinking; why polyester? There was an advertising campaign called 'PolYESter', and I can just remember the bright disco clothing of the 70's.

Polyester is an artificial man-made fiber, generally manufactured from petroleum requiring energy consuming high temperatures. It is a brightly coloured fiber by nature, hence the obvious choice for disco. For the more contemporary look, a delusterant is added to dim the bright lights.
If you are starting to feel a bit queasy about wearing your expensive artificial oil slick polo, there are some positives. Firstly, polyester is a very durable fabric, easy to maintain and relatively easy to recycle.

However to us, this very important piece of eco information is no-where to be seen in the golf magazine scribes. Whether the featured poly polos are made from recycled fabric.

Wouldn't it be better if Tiger was wearin a recycled polo?

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