Rossco's 75

You may of guessed that the original black golf ball has never won a golf tournament. We recently shouted about this in one of our adverts 'No tournament wins, So what'. Naturally, we put this down to the fact that we aren't paying a top golf pro sheds loads of money to win us a tournament. Doing some maths, if Tiger wins 30 tournaments a year, and is paid 100 million dollars by Nike over five years, then that's roughly 666,666 US dollars per win. The devil's in the detail.

However, it seems to persuade enough members of the general public to part with their cash for a winning ball. Despite the fact, that they probably swing the club 30 mph less than pro golfers, and would score better playing with a different ball.

But today, Golf Refugees are celebrating. One of our regulars, Rossco contacted us, to record a round of 75, at his local Forfar golf club in Scotland using a black golf ball. We believe this to be the lowest ever score for a round of golf using a black ball. This got us thinking, how low can we go?

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  1. Cheers m8, was good day once the driving got sorted. Hearing the BB off a left handed Taylor Made R7 is awesome.......looking to go lower in march......fingers crossed.