Good article in the Telegraph describing the slipping dress standards of spectators at Wimbledon and at the same time applauding the enforcement of the strict white dress code for players. Now, I don’t have a problem with an ‘all white’ look, though for me wearing white knickers on show in a highly stressful environment may not be the most practical colour. However, my main gripe is the shear shallowness of todays and yesterdays definition of a ‘dress code’. At Wimbledon it only matters that players wear white, even when their white sportswear is made in Asian sweatshops, where young female textile workers are treated appallingly in terms of pay and conditions. It also doesn't matter if the white sports apparel is manufactured in the most polluting manner as long as in the end it still looks white. What kind of a dress code is that?

Let’s have a new dress code defined for the 21 st Century, which takes into consideration how the apparel is made.

As for spectators at Wimbledon, personally I’d rather wear a natural fibre, ethically made carbon neutral t-shirt than any sweatshop attire.

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