Here are the ingredients used to make polyester sports apparel. They were supplied to us by a leading sportswear brand; unfortunately they will not supply the same information to their customers. There is currently no legal obligation for any sportswear brand to disclose the substances they use, so we thought we’d do it for you. You can always search for the individual chemical, if you don’t know what it is.

Feel free to share and use when buying polyester sports clothing.


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  2. Let us not forget the advice from the European consumer organisation to wear a natural fibre shirt underneath your polyester sportswear to limit the interaction of your sweating skin with the cocktail of chemicals found in polyester sportswear.

    It is also worth noting these polyester sports shirts are untested. There is currently no evaluation of any combination of the chemicals used. European regulations are only based on an individual substance.

    Just by reading the list of ingredients, you should wonder why there is 'lead' and other highly toxic substances inside synthetic sports apparel.