'random argyle' for women by golf refugees
This is not a plastic (polyester) polo shirt. It does not have any toxic antimony embedded into it's fibres.
It does not contain between 10-15 other toxic chemicals used in sportswear. Why would anyone want their skin to sweat and interact with combinations of untested toxic chemicals. Especially when you are not even told which chemicals are being used in your sports apparel.

Instead our polo shirt uses water based inks and the factory recycles its dye-coloured water.
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  1. Over the next few weeks we’re going to be working on more designs based around our idea of ‘random argyle’. Usually we use screen-printing for our shirts, where each colour requires a separate screen. With these multi-coloured-geometric-designs, we are going to try a new process called ‘direct to garment’ which uses water-based inks and inkjet printers to print the whole graphic. Naturally we’ll only print our favourite designs, so if you have any feedback good, bad or indifferent, please let us know.