There is some transparency in the sportswear textile industry. See nice picture.

However Golf Refugees would like to see much more transparency. Not just because we are a bunch of old men who like looking at girly pics. 

You may have read in the news of the huge fine BP has been ordered to pay to settle claims over the Horizon oil spill disaster. Well, what’s this got to do with sportswear?

The chemical used to disperse oil slicks is also applied as a stain remover in polyester moisture-wicking sports apparel. Did you know that?

We would like all sports apparel brands to offer consumers a list of the toxic chemicals and heavy metals they use in their products.

Your skin, the largest organ in your body, interacts via sweating with theses chemicals contained in sports apparel, when playing active sports.


Please read, share and sign if you agree. Thanks.


  1. Completely agree with U, I like natural stuff- and it feels much better, but , as it seems, the people are following the " kind of " style. which is a bit strange

  2. Consumers need to be made aware of the chemicals used to make moisture-wicking anti-bacterial synthetic apparel. Will Fila golf apparel consider providing this information to their customers?