We have finally succumbed to pressure and decided to offer golfers a diamond-patterned moisture-wicking ‘plastic’ shirt for next year, similar to all the other polyester shirts supplied by leading sportswear brands. However, being Golf Refugees there is a twist;

Golf Refugees will become the first apparel brand to inform golfers how moisture-wicking anti-bacterial shirts are made. From this day forth all golf professionals, journalists and the general public will know that to make hydrophobic synthetic shirts hydrophillic you need lots of toxic chemicals.

By law we don’t have to say anything. But being champions of consumer information we decided to spill the beans.

Our new 2013 range is snappily called ‘moisture-wicking toxic chemicals apparel’. We have created a new diamond pattern to symbolise the toxicity of the embedded toxic chemicals.

It is also true to say the bigger the garment the more toxic chemicals it contains. Therefore our smaller size shirts suitable for children contain the least amount of toxic chemicals. But calculated as a percentage of volume they contain the same amount as our adult shirts.

The following information will also be made available to our customers;

”Our 2013 synthetic moisture-wicking apparel range will be manufactured in Asia and China by sub-contracted factories via a third party. We did not pay a living wage to any of the textile workers only the bare minimum permitted by local laws. Health & safety regulations were also the absolute minimum as stipulated by local jurisdiction. During manufacture pollutants have been washed away into local rivers”.

We would like to thank all the chemical companies who supplied toxic textile finishes to help us make our 2013 moisture-wicking apparel.

If you are a golf professional and interested in wearing Golf Refugees moisture-wicking apparel on tour in 2013, please contact us. We will be able to supply you with details of the exact amounts of toxic chemicals used in your apparel.

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