'I couldn’t be less “Eco” if I tried but I do feel increasingly guilty about that. We know how to make the world a cleaner place, we have the technology and the money and all the tools so in my opinion we have a duty to do it, regardless of whether or not you believe the global warming argument. 

So it got me thinking. How eco-friendly are Nike’s t-shirts / polo shirts? Adidas or Reebok? Ping, Callaway or any of the others. You know what – I don’t know. I can’t find any information about it and what does that tell you…they’re probably not eco in the slightest. If they were, they’d be shouting about it, you know they would. I stand to be corrected but it seems pretty clear cut.

It’s not going to change my life or anything but when faced with a decision on where I spend my next £30 on a new golf shirt, I can’t help but be drawn to a brand like Golf Refugees.
Not only will I be able to piss-off the old codgers but I’ll also be able to do it knowing that I’ve done a bit for mother earth and therefore, the golf course I’m playing on.

If you want a decent shirt and a clear conscience you won’t go wrong with the Golf Refugees.'

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