What do you think happened to Supermum after her stunning victory in the Ricoh Womens British Open at Royal Lytham last year? Did Catriona Matthew find herself inundated by companies queuing up to be associated with a woman who had climbed to the summit of her sport just 11 weeks after giving birth?

Nope. The cap worn by the defending champion at Royal Birkdale this week will carry the name of the only sponsor who came forward after that memorable victory and even this deal is only for a fortnight.

Is this because no one watches womens golf? Or is it because Matthew doesn’t look as good in pink as Creamer?

I have to be honest, when following Catriona’s three ball, my eyes we’re mainly drawn to 21 year old, former England International Florentyna Parker. Does that make me a hypocrite and a dirty old man?



  1. Really interesting about Catriona Mathews lack of sponsors... I remember Lorena Ochoa had difficulty getting sponsors for years... even when she'd been No.1 for a while. There's definitely a narrow standard "looks-wise" for these sponsors. :o0

  2. Catriano needed you to represent her. I'm sure you would of secured much more than wearing a hat for a fortnight, during her Open Championship year. Crazy.