Sorry Rory, we must have missed your call for one of our eco Bandit polo shirts. Our highly trained sales force doesn’t always get to the phone in time. Better luck next time.

I’d like to say a few words without swearing about Nickent Golf. They’ve just been liquidised after the banks pulled the good old credit line from under their spiked shoes. I didn’t know any of the 60 staff, but felt they had some good products. Known in particular for their hybrids, which looping US golfer Jim Furyk swung and with sales approaching 15 million dollars in early 2008. Like most SME’s, Nickent experienced a nearly 50 % drop in sales during the recent economic woes. You could argue that the management decision to expand into the adjustable driver market was a poor decision. Though I read an excellent review of their new multi-functional driver by The Hackers Paradise, who gave our original black golf ball a *** review. You could also easily argue that the bank manages who dived in the wholesale market gambling several times the capitalise value of their banks were stupid beyond belief. But as we all know, the small guys are expendable and the big guys survive. Our Bank of England chief, Merv the swerve, recently paraphrased Sir Winston Churchill at an expensive bash in London ’never in the field of financial endeavour has so much money been owed by so few to so many’.

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