Wacko Jacko

Wacko Jacko, not the late king of pop, but Tony Jacklin, 1969 Open, 1970 US Open winner has been having a whinge.
Here at Golf Refugees we like nothing more than a good moan especially when it’s aimed at the governing bodies of golf.
Jacko says that golf has become too predictable and the success of Tiger is hiding some fundamental flaws. The USPA, R&A should find some balls and define a tournament ball that the pros can play with. Or the tours themselves should specify a ball with a less predictable flight and lower distance capability. I can’t see that happening, with the manufacturers and governing bodies rhetoric that we all play the same game and use the same equipment; from hacker to professional. Which is a convenient myth, as golf courses are set-up completely differently for professional tournaments.

Jacko is also concerned about the ever increasing length of golf courses to accommodate the performance of the latest equipment. With the knock-on effect of increased maintenance and time required to play a round of golf. Over five hours becoming the norm.

I’ve often wondered how you become a member of a governing body. You’ll need to be a middle-aged man and feel comfortable wearing a blazer. With a propensity to nodding your head all of the time. Making tough decisions which ruffle a few feathers are just not in their make-up.


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