Who, where and how?

With modern day sports apparel and casual clothing being made from synthetic fibres there is an ever growing cocktail of chemicals being used during the manufacturing processes.

Who makes our clothing? The brand name is only a small part of the equation. Where are the textile factories located? Usually in far away places we've never heard of. But usually where you can find an inexpensive labour force and relaxed environmental polices. How are these toxic chemicals disposed off? Unregulated open landfill sites.

Do we as consumers need to ask more questions? Do brands need to offer more information on their labelling?

All fashion brands will quote that their textile factories are required to sign-up to a 'comprehensive and strict standard' of operation. How are these standards checked? When the real pressure on the management of the textile factories are to compete orders on time and to a minimum cost.

Just last weekend an investigative journalist from The Times newspaper uncovered the alarming pollution by a textile factory located in the tiny nation of Lesotho, Africa. Who were found to be discarding hazardous toxins and left over fabric into a nearby unguarded landfill site. This factory supplied two of the biggest clothing brands; GAP & Levi Strauss.

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