Black golf balls hot or cold?

Golf Refugees (GR) original heat absorbing black golf balls have just been reviewed by the excellent and very popular site called The Hackers Paradise (THP) in sunny Florida USA.

Here are some extracts from our e-mail correspondence with the President of The Hackers Paradise;

GR - ''Did you find the heat absorbing black golf ball in the Florida sun warm to the touch when playing?''

THP - ''They were no warmer than any other golf ball we have worked with. If there had been a
noticeable difference it would have been included in the review.''

GR - ''Are you seriously saying that if you put a white and a black golf ball in the Florida sunshine there will be no noticeable difference to the touch between these golf balls?

THP - ''That is not what I am saying. Sure if you let them sit in the sun and bake the black ball will get hotter. However during the course of play, we did not notice a difference.''

GR - ''Golf balls do tend to sit in the sunshine, especially when you are playing a three or four ball.''

THP - No response.

To get the maximum performance from the original black golf ball we advise golfers to warm them up in the sunshine, say in the window of their car whilst driving to the course before you play.

You can take a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

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