Girls celebrate

Four Brummie lasses all studying at Birmingham University have beaten 25 men's teams to win the 2009 World Student Matchplay Championship, held at Inglostadt in Munich.

Twenty six teams from all around the World, including South Africa, the USA, the Netherlands,
Sweden and France.

How the heck did that happen? Were they the only sober team? Were the boys on an all-night bender and over-slept?

Judging by our high streets and A&E departments on a Friday and Saturday night, I'm sure the student girls drank just as much as the boys, if not more. It basically came down to the fact that the girls played better golf.

Apparently doping regulations were eased for this event.

The UK government must be pleased that our binge drinking reputation has been rewarded.

The girls won a detox and pizza vouchers.

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