Cinderella story

Another dodgy jumper and another great round of golf from Tom Watson at Turnberry.

Earlier in the day, Peter Dawson Secretary of the R&A ( Royal & Ancient Golf Club who are the ruling body of golf world-wide except for USA & Mexico ) was asked a few simple questions from ex-footballer turned TV sports presenter Gary Linneker.

There seemed to be a complacency about Peter Dawson, when he uttered that he believed the number of people playing golf in developed countries such as the UK & USA had reached it's limit. The R&A's big plan for the future is to persuade the appropriate officials to include golf as an Olympic sport for 2016 games. This would provide a platform for Golf to develope in other countries. There doesn't appear to be a plan B.

Back home are there really no additional golfers to be found? I can think of a sector which is clearly lacking in numbers; young women golfers, teenage girls playing golf.

Could the lack of initiatives to encourage in particular young girls to play golf have something to do with the fact that the R&A are a private members club? With over 2,400 members from all over the world, none of whom are women. Its discrimination is not only against women but also people who have not come from upper or middle-class backgrounds and gone to the right school. After all this is not any old golf club, it is the world's golf governing body.

It was recently pointed out to me that even our Queen would not be able to become a member of the R&A. If it was stripped of the Royal title and just became known as the Ancient golf club, how silly would that look?

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