Killer Golf

Let's be careful out there, should be the call on the first tee at Augusta.

Golfer Michael Utley struck by lightening on a Cape Cod course, his shoes were blown off and his heart stopped. Utley now walks with a cane.

One golfer mauled to death by a bear in Wyoming, while in Rhode Island a women on a putting green was run over by a deer.

Fifteen year old Nils Beeman became sick and died following a junior golf tournament at an Arizona course. Tests revealed he had contracted the intestinal Norwalk Virus from water containers.

Golf lawyer, Michael Kraker claims 47,000 people are injured playing golf each year and that four die in the USA alone from accidents on the course, excluding heart attacks and lightening strikes.

In Virginia 42 year old James Tobin was playing a round of golf when a ball hit him on the neck.
Doctors concluded the golf ball strike had caused a major trauma to an artery in his neck and had led to a stroke. Today, Tobin is trying to relearn the game. He's got a pro teaching him how to hit from a chair.

Green Keeper Alan Cutler was killed when a lawnmower he was driving fell into a bunker and crushed him. Health and Safety officers concluded for some unknown reason the highly experienced grass cutter drove too close to the edge.

Larry Lapekas, an employee of Wolf Creek Golf Course, died when he fell off the back of a golf cart. And in Illinois, a 71 year old women drowned when her cart veered off a steep slope and into a pond.

Britain is perhaps home to the most dangerous golf course of all, where eighteen bombs from World War 11 were discovered on the putting green.
* extracts from Driven to Death by Charlie Koolhaas

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