A Gentleman's Game

Stirling Golf Club (SGC) boasts a British Amateur Ladies Champion amongst its members. The club was offered a £24,000 Lottery Grant to improve and extend its clubhouse, on the condition that its 150 lady members were given the same access to the new facility as the men. At its annual general meeting SGC voted 92 to 62, to turn down the cash. It could not be bribed into giving women equal treatment.

At Little Aston Golf Club in Staffordshire, where a women whose husband had a heart attack on the links. She rushed to his side, leaving her car in the main car park.
After her husbands recovery, she was sent a letter from the golf club reminding her that as a women, under club rules, she is not allowed to use the main car park.

Here's another. There were some women on the balcony of the clubhouse having a drink, watching the golf, you know. The eighteenth hole was right outside the clubhouse. The women were watching the men play, and one of the men swears when he's playing his last shot. The women complained about his audible foul language. So the club banned all women from drinking on the balcony.
* extracts from Park and Ride by Miranda Sawyer

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