If The FA had asked us to design England’s shirt for the 2016 football European Championships in France, we would have proposed something like this. Granted it is a controversial design, with a ‘gladiatorial feel’. It could be made in England, where textile workers are paid a living wage and European environmental regulations ensure reduced pollution during manufacture.

Unfortunately the FA decided to take millions from US brand Nike to supply England football team shirts for the next few years. They will argue the money from Nike will be put to good use in grass root football projects across England. But how about considering that Nike pay slave wages to their textile workers in Asia, and decide to manufacture in countries where environmental regulations are non-existent. The money they save manufacturing shirts this way enables them to pay organisations like the FA money to secure sponsorship deals.

So here’s our alternative, an England shirt made in England, manufactured to European environmental standards and with more personality than the boring offering from Nike. Lipstick for players is optional.
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