Why you should reconsider purchasing another petroleum-based-plastic (polyester) sport shirt;

Petroleum-based-plastic materials are non-biodegradable and can last for hundreds of years.

Polyester and other plastic fabrics shed microscopic plastic fibres each time they are washed. Sending millions of microplastic fibres into our rivers and oceans every year.

Microplastics are just so incredibly small and so enmeshed in the life of the ecosystems where they exist, that you can’t clean up the plastic without destroying the ecosystem you’re trying to save.

The plastics become like little poison pills. As they are ingested all those chemicals are ingested and once in the moist, warm confines of an animal’s digestive system, those chemicals will tend to de-sorb from the plastic and get stored in their fatty tissues.

People are ingesting microplastics when they eat shellfish and other seafood.

Solving the microplastics crisis means replacing petroleum-based plastics with safer materials. Finding alternatives that come from renewable resources and can truly biodegrade when they’re released in the environment, regardless of where they’re released.

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