When we first launched the original heat absorbing black ball, which now holds a Guinness World Record for distance, a few reviewers commented on its poor visibility on the ground. At the time we did ask them to compare the visibility of a white ball both in the air and on the ground, which met with reluctance.

However, as we loved the dual coloured Ping golf balls, it seemed a good idea to design a 2 Tone ball.
#2toneball #golfrefugees


  1. OKay so i kind of like these two tone golf balls. I remember as a kid dipping half in paint (much to the dismay of my grandad!)

  2. We like them too. Our first black golf ball was simply a white ball sprayed black and when we tested it all the black paint just fell off with the deformation of the golf ball when struck. Both the 2 tone and spiral black ball look good to us, though they are more difficult to manufacture.