What we do know is that the overall incidence of cancer has been increasing in recent decades. And there is a compelling—and growing—body of evidence linking this troubling trend to toxic chemicals in our daily environments: carcinogens and hormone disruptor's in our environment and consumer products.
There are more than 80,000 chemicals in commercial use. Chemicals in products we all use every day. Chemicals to which we are all exposed throughout the course of our lives.
The legislation “regulating” chemicals exempted about 60,000 chemicals from testing for safety. And in 40 years only 200 chemicals have been tested for human safety. Out of these, only five chemicals have ever been restricted due to their harmful impact on human health.
The conclusion is not that we have about 80,000 harmless chemicals on the market; the shameful truth is that our regulators and legislators have been asleep at the wheel and subservient to the lobbying of the powerful chemical industry, while we've all been exposed to countless toxic chemicals linked to cancer and other health problems.
Consumers need to start asking their favourite brands to disclose the carcinogens and hormone disruptor's in the products we love and use, as we cannot rely on anybody else.
Ref: Karuna Jagger - Health Insights.

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