Further brand analysis of Golf Refugees by Brandkoop.

As far as being concerned with being too negative, I'd say this aspect is definitely part of your brand personality and would best fit in the YOUNG (cool, humoristic, informal language) INDEPENDENT (driven by self-reliance, and self-expression) and DARING (being bold) core values which belong to the EXCITEMENT dimension, and the MASCULINE (masculine strength and a confrontational attitude) core value from the RUGGEDNESS dimension. Some people are going to love your brand for it and others will probably hate it, and this is something you simply need to accept. Ultimately you will have have to determine how far you can go in terms of the negativity, but being too conservative might end up disappointing your fan base and dilute your brand personality, and actually represent an even bigger risk. The point of a brand is to be different, so embrace your differences.

If you want to 'soften' the Golf Refugees brand then there are other core values you can consider, Here they are:


Down-to-Earth: Golf tends to be elitist and a more approachable brand, perhaps using self-deprecating humour might attract a down-to-earth fan base.

Wholesome: Good sustainable practices around the golf course. Health.

Real: Driven by cold hard facts.


Intelligent: Perhaps related to Real, presenting the information in a no non-sense kind of way to bring a new, original, and intellectually stimulating perspective to the reader.

There are other possible connections for your brand in terms of developing your brand persona, but in general, you really want to focus on a select few rather than be too diversified if you want to connect with an audience at a deeper level.

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