Yes they are more expensive to make, but who would like to see the return of wound natural bio rubber golf balls? Please let us know your thoughts

We are gong to conduct some research and see how far we get.

Our initial idea is to investigate the feasibility of making either a 2-piece or 3-piece golf ball using either a wound or compressed bio rubber core with a natural rubber cover.

The perception today is that synthetic materials are the future; however these non biodegradable materials are associated with significant environmental pollution. What kind of future is that?

Where is the common sense of using non biodegradable thermoplastic materials on modern golf balls which are capable of lasting up to 1,000 years? And when fragments from these materials will litter our oceans and beaches for hundreds of years.

Golf Refugees believe the future for consumer / sports products must lie with developing high performance natural-biodegradable-materials where environmental pollution is minimised.

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