Who’d of thought eating a pizza, flossing your teeth and going for a run could be so harmful to your health. You may feel that eating pizza isn't exactly healthy, but it’s not the eating of the pizza that’s the problem. It’s the chemical sprayed on the pizza box to prevent the base from sticking, to make it easier for you to remove. The same non-stick chemical is used in dental floss and on your sports shirt to provide stain and water repellent properties. All to make our lives a little bit easier. DuPont’s marketing slogan; ‘Better things for better living … Through chemistry.’

But how many of us would be willing to embrace this modern world of convenience if the truth about the chemicals being used were provided to us?

The chemical industry, complicit brands, law makers and regulators have all conspired to expose us all too hazardous chemicals. Why? There’s just so much money to be made from convenience and cover-up. It’s a billion dollar industry with million dollar fines, if you get caught.

Consumers need to wake up and smell the roses. Start to question the functional convenience of our products, ascertain the chemicals used and their classifications to determine whether it’s worth the risk.

It’s taken 40 years for this non stick cancer causing chemical to be phased out. A chemical that is toxic to humans and which takes decades, if not hundreds of years to break down and with each exposure accumulates in our blood. Some how unsticking a pizza and wearing a slightly damp sport shirt doesn't seem such an inconvenience.

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