Once produced fluorochemicals (PFC’s) stay on the planet for a very, very long time. Widespread contamination of water, food, and soils; distributed globally by air and water circulation. Current understanding of human health effects developed for only PFOS & PFOA. Human health effects linked to exposure: kidney, prostate, ovarian, and testicular cancer, thyroid disease, delayed puberty, decreased fertility (women) and early menopause, reduced testosterone levels, reduced immune response in children and elevated cholesterol.
Changing to other forms such as shorter chained C6 and C4 may appear as a quick fix for the marketplace but there is no data to show they are safer.
Do we really need them for performance enhancement for example as water / stain repellent in apparel? Have they been worth the risk to human and environment health for brands to use them? Were consumers duped? Ask your favourite brands if they are still using PFC's what alternatives they plan to use.

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