Is this the only way to make golf green?
Abandoned golf courses becoming solar farms in Japan
The abundance of abandoned golf courses goes back to the real estate boom in the country during the early 90s where many courses were built, but proved economically unsustainable.
Of course, a similar story has played out here in the U.S. where boom years saw the building of golf courses and resorts, but in recent years, fewer and fewer people are taking up the game. There's is also the huge environmental impact of golf courses. It's estimated that the average golf course uses more than 300,000 gallons of water a day, not to mention the pesticides and chemical fertilizers that keep the grass green and weed free.
Many states including Florida, Utah, Kansas and Minnesota are looking into ideas for repurposing abandoned courses for other uses. Japan may soon prove to have the best idea. Put solar on it.

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