In 2014 Golf Refugees submitted the following 'eco golf rules' to the R&A for consideration.

Eco Golf Rules:
1. All tournament approved golf balls (and clubs) should contain a minimum 25% recycled materials.
2. All tournament golf courses to submit and implement detailed five year plans to recycle water and reduce overall water consumption and pesticide usage by 5% per annum.
3. All tournament officials to wear uniforms made from recycled materials and/or meet carbon neutral manufacturing status.

Climate change is a reality and outside sports such as golf will be affected. Golf Refugees believe the governing bodies of golf should be discussing and implementing measures to position golf as a proactive sport in terms of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The R&A have initiated a certification programme called 'GEO' for golf courses. However this process does not include any requirement for planned water and pesticide reduction.

Younger generations are more environmentally conscious and sports who provide a similar mindset will be more likely to attract their attention.

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