“It is incomprehensible that any corporation / fashion brand would go ahead … and begin selling tons of fluorinated compounds (PFC's) that persist over geological time — just to make fabrics water-proof and soil / stain resistant." - Dr Theo Colborn

Unfortunately that's what happened with PFC's. It was more important to make a quick buck than for these chemicals to be inside our bodies and the environment beyond humanity.The chemical industry and the fashion brands they supplied were complicit in denying consumers the whole story regarding PFC's. Yes, they are the most effective water-proofing. stain resistant, non-stick chemical you can use. On the other side they are carcinogenic in animals and once used they do not breakdown and will remain in our bodies and the environment. The long term consequences of using PFC's are unknown. Would consumers, knowing the full facts alter their purchasing decisions?

Is effective textile water-proofing worth letting the jeannie out of the bottle?


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